Forget Triathlon or Tough Mudder! Shopping mayhem, rampaging relatives, financial stress, late nights, too much TV and over-indulging – the festive season can require more stamina than any other event in the calendar!

It’s no wonder that most of us emerge from it with a New Year’s resolution to detox, get fit and lose weight! Surviving these wild times, as Bear Grylls knows, is all about preparation.

The festive season is usually particularly problematic for those of us who take their nutrition and exercise seriously, have food intolerances or even for those who just want to come out of the other side, with any luck, not worse off than when they started.

Whether it’s the big high calorie meals, the parties, alcohol or general lack of structure in your week, it’s very easy to lose your way 
in December which is why Martin found some resources to help you minimise the festive ‘damage’ and help you maintain your physique and health, while still enjoying the party season.

“Survival Strategies” looks at three things:

  1. What you can do to keep your eating on track
  2. What you can do to keep your fitness on track
  3. What you can do to keep your alcohol intake on track

There are also three “Cheat Sheets”:

  1. Booze Busters explores the impact of alcohol on your body and how you can reduce the toll it takes on you physically
  2. Hangover Food Super-Heroes looks at how to replenish lost nourishment the day after a heavy night
  3. Hangover-Smashing Smoothies – three specially concocted smoothies to help get you back on your feet, the morning after the night before.

Booze Busters bulletin reviews what we know about alcohol including why it’s fattening, how our body burns alcohol calories and which drinks we should choose to reduce the toll on our livers.

Big night the night before? Hangover Food Super-Heroes discusses 10 of the best foods that are scientifically proven to help your body recover. It may surprise you to hear that stuffing your face with last night’s take-away, is not the best choice to ensure a speedy recovery from a hangover. Nor is it the healthiest option, as it’s likely to be carbohydrate and fat-loaded which just adds more toxins and stress to your already struggling liver that’s working overtime to try and get you back on track.

It explains why each food on the list is important and how it can benefit your body in the aftermath of a big night.

And lastly, Hangover-Smashing Smoothies concocts three recipes that will help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible the ‘morning after’!

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All that remains to do, is wish you a very happy and healthy festive season and Martin looks forward to catching up with you in the New Year.

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