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Co-Kinetic patient advice leaflets are written and reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team of medical and exercise professionals. Every leaflet is peer-reviewed at the very minimum by a professional in each of the following disciplines: physical therapy, manual therapy and exercise/fitness. Where appropriate they may also ask a recognised national charity to review and approve the content.

Mastering Chronic Pain

1. The strain of pain – newsletter [PDF]

2. the vicious cycle of chronic pain [PDF]

 3. Bio-psycho-social explanation for chronic pain [PDF]

4. Understanding Chronic Pain [PDF]

5. How pain affects your life [PDF]

6. Skills to cope with chronic pain [PDF]

 7. how physical therapy can help you if you suffer from chronic pain [PDF]

8. Build activity into your daily life to address musculoskeletal pain [PDF]

9. chronic pain managing activity levels [PDF]

10. printable activity diary for chronic pain [PDF]

11. relaxation for chronic pain [PDF]

Hip Replacement Happy!

Total Hip Replacement Fundamentals [PDF]

 Preparing for Hip Replacement surgery [PDF]

 Hip Replacement Before and After [PDF}

 Hip Replacement Speedy Recovery [PDF]

 Hip Replacement Dos and Don’ts [PDF]

 Hip Replacement Rehab climbing stairs [PDF]

 Hip Replacement Rehabilitation [PDF]

Hip Replacement Rehab Phase 1 [PDF]

Hip Replacement Rehab Phase 2 [PDF]

Hip Replacement Rehab Phase 3 [PDF]

HIp Replacement Rehab Phase 4 [PDF]

Hip Replacement Rehab Phase 5 [PDF]

Hip Replacement Activity Progression Journal [PDF]

Live Longer & Stronger – Build Activity into your Everyday Life

Add Days to your Life and Life to your Days [PDF]

Prevent Disease & Stay Healthy [PDF]

Activity & COPD [PDF]

Activity & Depression [PDF]

Activity & Musculoskeletal Pain [PDF]

Activity & Type 2 Diabetes [PDF]

Activity & Cancer [PDF]

Activity & Dementia [PDF]

Activity & Falls and Frailty [PDF]

Activity & Arthritis [PDF]

Activity & Heart Disease [PDF]

Activity Gold Standard Recommendations [PDF]

Patient Advice – Sports Health

Warming up the Lower Body [PDF]

Stretching Neck and Shoulders and Trunk [PDF]

Exercises for the Sporting Back [PDF]

Prevent Hamstring Injuries [PDF]

Patient Advice – Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation – Runners

Shin Splints advice for Runners [PDF]

Plantar Fasciitis for Runners [PDF]

Runners Knee advice [PDF]

Achilles Tendinopathy for Runners [PDF]

Hamstring Strains in Runners [PDF]

ITB Advice for Runners [PDF]

Patient Advice – Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation – Cyclists

8 most common cycling injuries [PDF]

Burning Feet and Cycling [PDF]

Achilles Tendon Pain and Cycling [PDF]

Knee Pain and Cycling  [PDF]

Hand Pain and Cycling [PDF]

Neck Pain and Cycling [PDF]

ITBS and Cycling [PDF]

Hip Pain and Cycling [PDF]

Back Pain and Cycling [PDF]

Patient Advice – Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation – Soccer Players

ACL injuries in Soccer [PDF]

Ankle Sprains in Soccer [PDF]

Soccer Contusions [PDF]

Soccer Groin Pain  [PDF]

Soccer Hamstring Strain [PDF]

Soccer Menicus injuries [PDF]

Patient Advice – Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation – Tennis & Golf Players

Ankle Sprain [PDF]

Tennis Elbow  [PDF]

Shoulder Impingement Exercise advice [PDF]

Shoulder Impingement advice [PAL]

Golf Injuries [PDF]

Patient Advice – Headaches

Headaches Newsletter [DPF]

Tension Headache [PDF]

Cervicogenic Headache [PDF]

Cluster Headache [PDF]

Migraines [PDF]

Sinus Headaches [PDF]

Patient Advice – Festive Follies – Christmas and other Bacchanalia

Survival Strategies [PDF]

Booze Busters [PDF]

Hangover Heroes [PDF]

Hangover Smoothies [PDF]

Patient Advice – Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation – General

Preventing Falls [PDF]

Keeping Bone Strength [PDF]

Managing Stress Incontinence [PDF]

Avoid Snow Slopes Injuries [PDF]

Manage Back Pain [PDF]

Patient Advice – First Aid

Treat Sports Injuries Immediately [PDF]

Treating Cuts [PDF]

Treating Grazes [PDF]

Treating Blisters [PDF]

Exercising with a Cold or Flu [PDF]

Hydration in Sport [PDF]

Preventing and Treating an Asthma Attack [PDF]

Patient Advice – Physical Activity for All

Physical Activity and Wellbeing [PDF]

Physical Activity and Weight Loss [PDF]

Physical Activity and Smoking Cessation [PDF]

Patient Advice – Therapies

Acupuncture & Dry Needling [PDF]

Massage Benefits [PDF]

Radial Shockwave Therapy[PDF]


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