Do you know someone who’s had a tough year who needs to take a bit of time out for themselves, but just won’t do it?

If so, why not think about buying them a gift certificate or some vouchers towards a massage this Christmas.

Massage is proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, relieve pain, reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. It is an ideal gift, particularly around this busy and stressful time of the year.

Martin has gift certificates and gift vouchers available and can work with you to find the perfect custom-solution whether the gift is for a friend or loved one.


Gift Certificate or Voucher?

A Gift Voucher will discount the cost of the massage by any multiple of £5. There are vouchers for £20, £10 and £5, so you can decide how much to pamper your friend.

A Gift Certificate will cover the full cost of a massage with Martin either at his west London studio or his central London clinic. Your present will not show the value of the present.
If you benefit from one of Martin’s amazing discount schemes, then you only pay that much for your friend!

The price of a massage will vary depending on location, length of time and whether your friend has seen Martin before (he does a £40 introductory offer to new people, so they can try him out). If you give a voucher your friend can choose where to see Martin, and whether to top up to add time.

Talk it over with Martin

As Martin’s prices reflect the complexity of different venues with different costs, feel free to contact Martin by email or phone him on 07710 314432 if you want to talk it over. You can check out Prices here.

As you can pay by bank transfer, and Martin can email the voucher to you – or even to your friend – this makes the perfect last-minute present!  Just click and open! Your friend could even receive it on Xmas morning!