Featured Image taken from “Strolling under the Skin” Living Fascia DVD by Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau. Can be purchased at http://tinyurl.com/yd9t67a



Fibres will start to adhere to each other, unless movement keeps them free. This adaption can be useful. It may be more energy efficient for a motorcyclist to develop stiff tissues holding him bent forward, so that he does not have to use muscle energy to keep him in that position while on the bike. Not great, however, if he needs to change posture to go sailing! And ultimately, the bent-forward posture is not very energy-efficient, and other parts of the body will strain to compensate. We therefore build up patterns of dysfunction, some muscles short and tight, others inhibited and long, stretched beyond their ability to be strong.

Clots and Scar tissue can act like glue, gumming up an area and stopping free movement in the fascial web. Like a patch on old clothing, this can tug it out of shape, and cause further strains in remote places, or restricted patterns of movement, which sets off other problems

Chronic inflammation caused by stress and toxins (think before you have that cigarette) can trigger collagen deposits which can become sticky adhesions.

All this can be relieved, however, by movement, which will break up adhesions, and release fibrosis.

Breakdown of GAGs: Dehydration & poor nourishment

Little understood are how GAGs in the ground substance “soup” can degrade, and reduce their ability to hold water. Tissue becomes less plump – leading to the appearance of aging. There will be a corresponding reduction in water-soluble nutrients as well.

No doubt the cosmetics industry is investigating, but it is clear that a good diet with plenty of water and minimising toxins will slow down degeneration.

The heart moves blood through the arteries, but outside of that, other movement forces are necessary to pump fluid around. Life is movement – and if we become inert, we interfere with our processes. Important to be aware of that if we are prone to long periods frozen in front of a computer or tv screen!