Remedial therapies are increasingly challenged to PROVE their effectiveness  and reference research in treatments.  Having much less resources than pharmaceutical companies, much research is small in scale, and very limited in scope.  But it is always worth pointing to research that proves or disproves the effectiveness of massage and bodywork therapies!

The findings and opinions in these articles may not reflect Martin Kingston’s thinking, but it is always worth adding to the debate!

Serious Research Journals for Bodywork

The Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies aims to be a serious contributor to world knowledge on bodywork. This article published in April proposes that: Yoga and massage therapy reduce prenatal depression and prematurity

Light Reading on Therapies

A rather more populist journal but with accessible articles is Natural Therapy for All, with readable articles like Sitting to Death? New Study Suggests Sitting Less than 3 Hours Can Increase Life Expectancy though also references more serious research like Stress Management Therapy Reduced Development of Brain Lesions in People with Multiple Sclerosis, New Study Found

Bodywork and Massage General Reading

Robert Schliep is a german bodyworker with some fascinating articles on his website . Check out the lovely “The Tao of Exercise and Self Care” by Gael Ohlgren & Robert Litman and “The Myth of the Pinched Nerve” by Marcela Ullman.

Treatment techniques used by therapists

Eric Dalton is an American bodyworker who produces lots of videos for professionals showing treatment techniques he has come across. Check out for plantar fasciitis. And for Golf Injuries