A Unique Massage Gift Voucher

A Touching Gift: Here is a chance to give a loved one or friend the most precious and beautiful gift of all; the gift of touch. Forget the alcohol, chocolates and the flowers; why not give them one of the best hours of their life? Why not give them the gift of touch? A rejuvenating and revitalising Massage…

A Touching Gift: Will solve all your Christmas and Birthday headaches forever! Here is a gift that nurtures and soothes, that can help someone you care about find peace and calm, that literally takes the weight off their shoulders… Do you know anyone who would like such a gift?

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A Touching Gift: Not only do they get a Massage, but the recipient of this gift also gets a copy of the world’s first novel about Massage. Mavis and I… is a truly engaging and page-turning book that looks set to become a UK bestseller. It is making people laugh and cry and it also reminds us of the incredible (and almost forgotten) power of touch; so you know your gift will be used and not left on a mantelpiece somewhere…

A Touching Gift: Can be redeemed with me or anywhere in the UK – there are participating NO HANDS therapists all over the UK. Each and every one of them is personally trained and licensed by the author himself to the highest professional standards found anywhere in the UK. This also means there is something familiar about the Massage – a direct link to the book, Mavis and I…

A Touching Gift: You buy a “voucher copy” of the book for £25.00 from me and send it to your loved one or friend. They contact their nearest participating therapist to arrange their appointment. They keep the book and hand in the voucher as full payment for their Massage treatment. It’s that simple.

This UK-wide scheme for Massage Gift Vouchers is brought to you by NO HANDS Massage, conceived and developed by UK therapist Gerry Pyves after 20 years of clinical testing, it is being hailed as “The Gentle Giant” of healing therapies. Martin Kingston is an approved Advanced Practitioner in this approach

Contact Martin now to order your copy!   07710 314432

To redeem the Voucher:
* You (or your lucky friend) justs clicks on http://www.nohandsmassage.com and clicks on Book a Massage.
* You enter the postcode
* Book in with any practitioner with the Gift Voucher icon in the top right hand corner of their listing
* Remember to mention you are using a Gift Voucher when making your booking

If you are looking for a NO HANDS Massage Therapist in London

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