NO HANDS® Massage is sometimes called the “Gentle Giant” of massage. Let yourself be soothed away to a land of peace and relaxation! NO HANDS is an approach invented by UK therapist Gerry Pyves of, who personally trained Martin Kingston.

Martin brings to London NO HANDS Massage because it is a revolutionary new form of gentle massage, which means you get a gentle but strong, nuturing form of treatment. Care is taken to give you a pleasing and peaceful experience. NO PAIN or discomfort!

NO HANDS Massage is good because you get the larger surface area of the soft part of the forearms pressing into you with more weight, but without distress, because the weight is spread over a wider area. A more gentle but intense sensation. The therapist has to move their whole body to keep their balance, almost like T’ai Chi,  so you get a relaxed and flowing treatment.

Your London NO HANDS Massage therapist benefits: it saves his fingers and thumbs from overuse injury, so he can safeguard his career and pick up better technique.

Martin is an Advanced Practitioner in London NO HANDS Massage Therapy and is a member of the NO HANDS Massage Association. He is currently embarking on the NO HANDS Mastery Programme to enhance his skills.

Check out the NO HANDS Massage website to learn more about this revolutionary treatment that could revive your welbeing!